The company’s name TOMOGRAPH comes from tomography, a device that provides image inside the human body. Rather than grasping management and marketing problems in a superficial manner, our approach sees through the true nature of the problem, bringing new perspective in solving problem and adding new value.

Tomotake Kawagoe

Creative Director

Tomotake Kawagoe started his career at ADK in1992. He has worked as a system engineer ,a strategic planner, tvc planner and a creative director. In 2011, he joined Drill, a non-traditional creative boutique owned by Dentsu and ADK. In 2013, he launched TOMOGRAPH.

He served as a judge of Adfest and Adman awards in 2006, Cannes Lions in 2008, Spikes Asia in 2009, NewYork festivals in 2009 and 2015.